Update on Eve

It breaks my heart to write this post.

Eve is not doing well. After many phone calls back and forth, as well as much discussion with doctors and specialists here, Julie has learned that the sort of chemical poisoning that Eve is suffering from is rather prevalent in the Third World. And often fatal. Because of improper storage techniques, lye and other harsh household chemicals are sometimes left in the reach of small children. And since the liquid is usually clear, it can be mistaken for water.

We've known for a long time that Eve drank something when she was a toddler. We were told battery acid, and have heard everything from "it was just in her mouth" to "she drank a lot of it." We'll probably never know exactly what happened, but the end result is clear: Eve's esophagus and stomach have suffered chemical burns. And it seems that the scar tissue that has built up over the years is now causing her serious pain and preventing her from eating and drinking.

Though the injection and medications helped somewhat, Eve is still unable to eat or drink anything other than water and cornmeal. She cannot swallow rice. If the doctors in the US are correct in their long-distance diagnosis, there will be no recovery from this without serious medical intervention. Eve needs a scope of her throat and stomach to determine the extent of the damage, and possibly a procedure to stretch her esophagus or even a transplant.

Please pray for Eve! And please pray for her caretakers and the board of One Body One Hope as we proceed from here. We are exploring every possibility from sending Eve to the nearest Mercy Ship (it's anchored in Nigeria) to trying to obtain a medical visa so we can bring her to the US for treatment. Please especially keep Julie Bajema in your prayers as she shoulders the brunt of this responsibility and coordinates communication and medical care efforts from thousands of miles away.

Emmanuel has asked us to continue in prayer, and has reminded us continually of their simple but steadfast belief: "We do not believe in the medications, but we do believe in God." Eve certainly needs the Great Physician right now. Please join us in petitioning him on her sweet behalf.

Thank you.

One last thing. Whatever doors the Lord opens for Eve, her journey will be costly. If you feel led to support her financially, we would love any help you can give. Donations can be sent to the address below. Please mark "Eve" in the memo line.

One Body One Hope
c/o The Baarts
589 13th St. Cir. SE
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