Closed Doors & Open Windows

Well, we've been praying that God would open and close doors as he sees fit, and he is answering our prayers.

Yesterday, Emmanuel spoke to the doctors at Firestone Hospital where we had high hopes that Eve would be able to get the surgeries she requires. Emmanuel was told that the program has been shut down and the surgeon cannot help Eve. We had one more contact at another hospital, but when Emmanuel reached out to him, he was told that they would only perform surgery on Eve if she was dying.

Two doors quite decidedly closed.

Right now it seems that Eve's short-term care cannot be handled in Liberia. Of course, we are hoping this may change, but there are no guarantees. We already knew she couldn't stay in West Africa in the long-term, but we had hoped that we could buy ourselves some time with in-country care as we pursued other options. Well, they say that when God closes a door he opens a window, and we still have several wide open windows that we are trying to climb through. From medical visas to refugee status and beyond, we are leaving no stone unturned as we tenaciously continue to fight for Eve.

What can you do? Pray like crazy. Donate if you can spare even a small amount this holiday season. Right now we are not considering the cost in getting Eve the care she needs, but there will come a day when bills become a very stark reality. Share Eve's story. All of the important connections we have made have been because a friend of a friend told another friend about Eve.

Thanks so much for your continued prayer and support.