One Body One Hope Reveals New Logo

It’s been a season of discovery. Of change and transformation. God has been moving in Liberia, in our communities, and in the heart of our ministry. And as the Lord continues to unfold his plan for us and the people we partner with in West Africa, we are learning to embrace a bigger vision than we ever dared to dream.

With the addition of Ministry Teams in September of 2013, we’ve been encouraged by the excitement and fresh perspective of people who are new to serving OBOH in this capacity. So many great ideas are starting to shape the future of One Body, and the first (and probably most obvious) revolution has been our ministry logo.

OBOH Logotype.png

While our original logo will always have a special place in our hearts, after seven years of beautifully representing our ministry we decided it was time for some tweaks. The new logo is streamlined and modern, an image that can be rather easily remembered and sketched by anyone with an inkling to try. The blurred circle is representative of both the complex (and sometimes difficult to define) nature of our multifaceted ministry. It also encompasses and surrounds the word one in an effort to symbolize unity and partnership. Of course, you’ll still see the outline of the country of Liberia, and the star brings to mind both the Liberian and American flags as well as our shared history and brotherhood.

Our tagline is still Spend Yourself, a mantra based on our theme passage of Isaiah 58:9b-11, and though the visible representation of our ministry has evolved, our passion remains the same! We are committed to redevelopment through relationship, to doing everything in our power to honor, respect, and raise up image bearers of Christ, and to finding new ways of allowing people to usher in the kingdom by giving of their time, money, talents, and more.

We hope you love the new logo. And we pray you are as excited about this new chapter in the story of One Body One Hope as we are. We can’t wait to see what God has in store!