Ebola Outbreak: Emergency Relief Fund

As Ebola continues to devastate West Africa and the news explodes with new numbers and grim proclamations, we are working hard to do what we can for the people we love in Liberia. Our emergency relief fund for Ebola is receiving donations, and we would like to share with you what that money is accomplishing in the AVDC community.

Our original transfer was used to stockpile rice and other necessities for the Christ Our Hope Orphanage and AVDC Dumbar Farm community. Because travel in Liberia is restricted there are fears that food distribution will be difficult and shortages will start to affect the Liberian people. The orphanage is particularly vulnerable, and we wanted to plan ahead for the coming months. Fatu would like to express her gratitude for the funds that provided these supplies.

In addition, we are raising money for the other branches of the AVDC church in Liberia. There are roughly 1,000 AVDC church members spread throughout several counties in Liberia. We are collecting donations to help these churches purchase rice and chlorine for hand sanitizing stations. The distribution has already begun, as you can read in Emmanuel's recent email below.

The need is great, but as you will read in Emmanuel's letter, God is being glorified even in the midst of such fear and suffering. "Even in the valley You are faithful, You're working for our good and for Your glory." (Sovereign Over Us, Aaron Keyes) We ask that you continue to remember our Liberian brothers and sisters in Christ as they battle this horrific disease!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. If you would like to donate to the medical expenses and food supplies for the other AVDC churches please visit our donation page for more information.


Hello friends,

I hope you are doing fine. As for us we thank God so far for his mighty hand around us during these trouble days in our country. Both the children and the AVDC-Liberia members, no body has been infected by the Ebola virus yet. We praise God for this.
I just want to have you inform that the distribution of hygienist materials, drugs and food (rice) has began. We have completed Bomi, Harbel, and German camp. We are left with Salala, the new branch I told you about, Supermarket, Dagla town and Dumbar farm. The team headed by Elder Eric Ndebeh and pastor Saywala will be leaving for Salala tomorrow. We just started work in a town called Tody 90 miles away from the city with over 80 people who gave their lives to Christ. They are also in desperate need because of this Ebola out break.