Child Sponsorship Update

How about an update about the sponsorship program at Christ Our Hope? This is the longest running ministry of OBOH and many of our sponsors have been with us from the very beginning. These children feel like our own, and we have been so blessed to watch them grow up over the years!

Currently we have 69 children living at Christ Our Hope orphanage in Monrovia. Several are new to the orphanage and we are in need of 3 sponsors. Most of the children are school-aged, but a number of the children are in their late teens and facing graduation, secondary education, and career decisions.

With the arrival of the Internet at the Christ Our Hope campus came new opportunities for e-mail, skype, face time, etc. but also a challenge in how to best protect children and sponsors and utilize the possibilities. Because of this, our team recently presented guidelines to sponsor families on our recommendations for safe and positive communication.

In October, sponsor families were sent updated photos of their children as well as a newsletter and information about One Body One Hope.

2015 saw two trips to the Christ Our Hope campus in Monrovia and we were thrilled to be able to send letters to the children both times. The children wrote back to their sponsors and those letters are being dispersed to the families. Soon, sponsors will have the opportunity to send a small care package along with the next team and we are excited about the chance to send some fun and useful gifts along.

Please pray for the kids at Christ Our Hope and the cooks, teachers, workers, and other aids who love and nurture them every day!