School Partnership

Need a little pick-me-up in the face of such sad global news? How about an update from the OBOH Education Team!

"The Education Team has been busy establishing a partnership between VSSC in Monrovia and Unity Christian in Orange City. Students are planning to tell their stories and connect with one another through blogs. Unity Christian students and staff participated in Spend Yourself Week, raising funds for extra curricular equipment for VSSC and bringing awareness to OBOH in their community. Pastor Aaron Baart spoke at the chapel in preparation for the week.

One area of support we are working through is the need for classroom and curricular materials for the various grade levels. We have begun planning for and putting together curriculum kits that include texts and support materials to teach specific concepts in all grades. Does this tug at your heartstrings? Stay tuned for more info about specific school supplies, texts, and other curricular needs."

We are so grateful to Gwen, Megan, Candi, Lori, Rhonda, Cheri, and Lisa, the ladies who partner with the Vine School System of Christ in Liberia. Take a moment today to pray for this team and the teachers and children they are working so hard to encourage, sustain, and support!