Crusade Season

Happy Friday, friends! Today is a special day for our brothers and sisters at AVDC because it marks the beginning of what we're affectionately calling "Crusade Season." Emmanuel and a team of pastors, evangelists, and support staff have hit the road and will spend the next four months (yes, you read that right: FOUR MONTHS) traveling throughout Liberia spreading the good news of the gospel of Christ. Their travels will take them off the beaten path, into predominantly Muslim communities, and beyond the borders of where they are comfortable and welcome. Please join us in praying for their efforts! Pray that the Lord will grant them safe passage, open hearts, and joyful spirits that pull from His deep well. Although their path will take them back to home base every so often, please also pray for the friends and families that they leave behind during this strenuous time. Our family at AVDC is taking seriously the call to make disciples of all nations! What can we do to help? Pray without ceasing! And if you would like to contribute financially to their efforts, your gifts are much appreciated! Each journey they embark on requires a sacrifice of time, personal comfort, and, of course, money. Is your heart being tugged to help? The link is provided below. Have a fabulous weekend, prayer warriors! We're so grateful for you! ‪#‎spendyourself‬