Prayer Request for Pastor Emmanuel

Good morning, friends. We're starting this week with an urgent request for prayer. Pastor Emmanuel Bimba is very sick. He has been diagnosed with typhoid, but the illness is not just physical--it's a spiritual attack, too. This may be difficult for us to wrap our North American minds around, but spiritual warfare is just a part of everyday life in Liberia. And recently, an unlisted number has been calling Liberian pastors and essentially cursing them... Emmanuel received one such call last night. And within 20 minutes of speaking with the person (who knew exactly who Emmanuel was and told him that he had not yet begun to be sick) Emmanuel began convulsing. He thought he was going to die last night. Emmanuel is stable now, but still incredibly ill. We were able to speak with him and pray with him this morning, but we're requesting urgent, sustained, powerful prayer for Emmanuel, pastors in Liberia, and the entire Christian community. Please share. Please pray.