Praise for Pastor Emmanuel's Recovery

Happy Tuesday, friends! Shall we start off the day with some excellent news? Emmanuel is on his way home from Ghana with a clean bill of health! The doctors were skeptical at first--so much so that when one of his doctors had to travel to Togo, he took Emmanuel along with him because he wanted to keep an eye on him! In Togo, Emmanuel ended up preaching on Sunday and the service turned into a healing service. Many people were healed that day. And when they returned to Ghana, Emmanuel received the news that his heart, lungs, liver, etc. are all healthy and functioning just the way they are supposed to. Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for your prayers on his behalf! We pray that God will strengthen Emmanuel and protect both him and those he loves so that he can continue to boldly preach the Good News of Jesus. Join us? We'll leave you with some fun photos... In Ghana, Emmanuel discovered that there is one thing in need of a little correction: his eyes! We love his new look. Thanks for praying! We love the OBOH family! ‪#‎spendyourself‬