Letter from Emmanuel

Hello every one,

I'm grateful to God for bringing me back home safe and healthy. I left Liberia on April 18, 2016 with much worry in my heart yet believing God for a miracle. In Liberia, I was told that I am developing liver problem and also heart failure. This I did not believe because I know that God has a purpose for my life and to fulfill this purpose, good health is cardinal and relevant. I arrived in Ghana on the same 18 of April and straightly visited the hospital. The Lord was with me and my friend. At the hospital, we met one of the staffs that we did not meet or know before, but by the special grace of God, he was able to received us with joy and gladness. Through him we met the doctor on the 19 of April. After I explained my problem and what I was told by the doctor in Liberia, he asked us to meet with him Thursday, which was the 21 of April, and we did. On that day, he ordered for all the tests base on my explanation. The process started on Thursday, the 21st of April to Saturday April 23, 2016. Within these times, I was still trusting God for a miracle. On Friday evening, I was completely released in my body. While we were waiting for the results, I traveled to Lome, Togo with the doctor and my pastor friend who took me to Ghana. We returned from Togo to Ghana on the 25 of April 2016. On the same day, upon our return, I was called to go to the hospital and pick up my results and to God be the glory, all were proving negative. Praise the Lord. The doctor said, "the Lord healed you brother." Is this not wonderful? It is. God is faithful to his people.

With this in mind, I want to say to all my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ in the US who have been praying with me and for me a big thank you for your concern and love, and for your prayers and support in every form. I pray God's blessing upon you all in Jesus mighty name. I pray that our relationship will continue until the Lord' second coming or until we meet in heaven.

Love, Emmanuel