Update From Liberia

Update from Liberia! It has been so great to see the accomplishments and progress that has gone on here! This place now has running water and new construction of offices for the teachers, pastors, and a conference room! The Church at Supermarket is also making progress. They are currently filling in the foundation and the next steps are to pour the concrete slab and columns! Some of the classrooms are also tiled getting ready for the school year to start in a couple months. I have spent much of my time just being with the people; doing life with them and seeing what it's like. For this past week, I stayed at COH to see more of what life was like with them. It was a challenge, but a blessing at the same time! I will never take A/C for granted again. These friends have been so hospitable to me! The children (and I) are also doing very well if you can't tell.

PS - Chris arrived safe and sound last night! Pics and stories to come!