Moving Forward

Hello Everyone!

I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who has supported my position financially. Although we’re not fully funded, your gifts truly are making a difference both in my life and in One Body One Hope (OBOH). Many of you are probably wondering what I have been up to the last two months since I started. I spent a lot of the first month getting caught up to speed with OBOH and where projects are at. It was so exciting that first month to hear, see and be in the middle of what God is doing through OBOH and our brothers and sisters in Liberia. I have spent much of my time organizing and coordinating various things within the ministry, meeting new people, researching and learning a lot about community development.

As you may or may not know, I spent two weeks in Liberia from July 5-July 19. The main focus of this trip was really focused on building relationships and listening to requests from our friends in Liberia; how we can better help them, what do they like about what we are doing, and how can we grow more in this partnership and so on. Many instances I was overwhelmed by the physical need of the people I met in poverty, but time and time again, this was countered with their overwhelming love for each other and joy in Christ Jesus. It was the richest thing I have ever seen! 

Now that I am back stateside for a little while, I will be organizing projects and teams, going to various churches and telling the story of our friends and fundraising for the needs they expressed to me a few weeks ago. I’m also hoping to finish fundraising for my position. Would you uphold this endeavor in prayer? Thank you for coming alongside me on this journey!