Are You Ready to Spend Yourself?

Checklist for Spend Yourself Week

  1. Do you know how you are receiving devotionals?
    We have three ways of providing the devotionals for spend yourself week: daily emails (sign up below), downloadable PDF document, or our blog
  2. Have you decided on a way to spend yourself?
    Check out our blog for suggestions for how to spend yourself this week.  Most importantly, make sure your act of solidarity is a challenge and reflects your family's interests. 
  3. Are you following us on social media?
    Throughout the week, we will be posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We promise you don't want to miss it! 
  4. Do you have our social event on your calendar?
    We invite you to join us for a screening of Facing Darkness! Facing Darkness is a Samaritan's Purse film about their work in Liberia, West Africa during the Ebola pandemic. We would love to see ou there!
    Event Details:
    Sunday, December 3
    3:00 PM
    New Life Reformed Church in Sioux Center
  5. Have you prepared your heart and mind to Spend Yourself?
    We are going to challenge you in the next week.  Take a moment today to pray for an open heart and for God to use Spend Yourself Week to impact you, your family, and your community.