How to Celebrate Spend Yourself Week

So...what exactly are you supposed to do?

There are three simple steps that will enhance your Spend Yourself Week experience:

  1.  Decide on a way to spend yourself.
    Ideally, this should be something that your entire family agrees to do together. It will be easier for you to hold each other accountable and stay strong in your conviction to stand in solidarity with those who are hurting. 
  2. For five days (Monday, Nov. 27 through Friday, Dec. 1): SPEND YOURSELF!
    We’ve provided a devotional reflection for every day of Spend Yourself Week so you can truly focus on what it means to love and live sacrificially. We suggest setting aside family devotional time every day of Spend Yourself Week so that you can discuss what you’re doing and talk about how God is speaking to you.
  3. Celebrate what God has done!
    Join us along with New Life Reformed Church for a screening of Facing DarknessFacing Darkness is a Samaritan’s Purse film about the Ebola pandemic in Liberia, West Africa. We hope to see you there!
    Event Details:
    Sunday, December 3
    New Life Reformed Church in Sioux Center, IA