One Body One Space Results

You make a difference. Your life is beautiful. You are worth more than gold. Have we told you lately how crazy we are about you? You show up for our friends in Liberia and you continue to give of your time, resources, and passion. You are the heart and soul of One Body One Hope. THANK YOU for being exactly who God made you to be. You difference-makers and world changers, repairers of broken walls and restorers of streets with dwellings. You are extraordinary.

We want to say "thank you" especially today for embracing the One Body One Space movement! To date, you have crammed yourselves into closets, combines, hot tubs, cars, trunks, offices, and more, and you have raised nearly $10,000 to help create lovely, functional, necessary spaces for the communities we support in Liberia. Because of you, we bought mattresses and new beds, finished the library and computer lab, and contributed to the continual update and improvement of the mission compound. Thank you for being willing to #spendyourself. And if you'd still like to participate in #onebodyonespace, it's not too late! We'll include the link to the video in the comments below.