SCCS Third Graders

OBOH is so thankful for all of our partners! From individual donors to groups of people who have caught our vision and now carry the flame, we are so grateful for the many ways that God provides.

Recently, the Lord used the third graders of Sioux Center Christian School to bless our Liberian friends. After learning about OBOH and what we do, the third graders did extra chores, pulled from their own savings, and raided the couch cushions for extra cash to buy goats for the AVDC farm. They raised over $450! Their generous donation will purchase 7 goats for the farm! Not only did the third graders give selflessly, they also invited Austin to school so that they could pray over him before his trip.

Third graders, THANK YOU! You made a difference in the lives of our Liberian friends. May your gifts be multiplied and the Lord bless the work of your hands. We are grateful to God for YOU.