T-Shirt Design Contest

We have a FUN opportunity for you today!!!

Do you have an OBOH T-shirt that you LOVE? So do we! But did you know that it’s been four years since we came out with our most recent design? It’s time for an update, and we want YOUR help!

We know that our friends are a talented bunch, and we’d like to see your doodles, inspirations, and awesome T-shirt designs. Browse through our possible texts and then get to work creating your vision. The winning designer/s will receive a T-shirt in each of the designs we decide to print, a feature on our OBOH blog and social media pages, and some authentic gifts from our friends in Liberia. Entries must be submitted by April 21 and be original artwork. We’re looking for fun, funky T-shirts in a variety of different designs. Think: hand lettering, graffiti, faded, geometric, retro… Anything goes! For inspiration, we suggest you visit www.sevenly.org or keep your eyes open for graphic T-shirts that you love. If you would like to incorporate the OBOH logo please send us an email at info@onebodyonehope.org and we would be happy to share. As for text, choose one of the possibilities below and go wild! (If you'd like to come up with your own, spend some time in Isaiah 58, our theme passage. You might want to okay a new text with our media team before you begin though! You can reach us at the address above.)

Spend Yourself
One Body
Better Together
We Are One Body
Rebuilding Ruins
Shout it aloud, do not hold back
One Hope
God is good all the time
You + Me = Better Together
Brother, Sister, Friend, One Body

Please submit your designs to info@onebodyonehope.org. Good luck and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!