Syrup for Stoves

SYRUP FOR STOVES! Maybe you noticed something different about the sugar maples around town this winter... Pipes and buckets and a friendly, hardworking man who kept tabs on the slowly dripping sap. Well, over the last several months our friend and CAT Team member Evan De Groot collected SIX gallons of locally sourced, fresh maple syrup from trees around Sioux Center! And we're offering the syrup to YOU. How sweet!

We're calling this project Syrup for Stoves because Evan is passionate about providing clean, earth-friendly rocket stoves for our Liberian friends. But because of their proximity to the ocean and the amount of food that is cooked on the stove every day, Christ Our Hope Children's Home is in desperate need of a new stove. Actually, two. Want to help? Each bottle sold of our delicious, homegrown maple syrup will go towards the purchase price of the stoves. A suggested donation of $15 per eight-ounce bottle will buy one and a half stoves. But if a few people elect to give more, we'll be able to purchase TWO new stoves for Christ Our Hope!

Want to know more about the stoves and how they work?

Want to buy some Syrup for Stoves? Please email us at: with the number of bottles you'd like.

We only have 94 bottles of this thick, caramel-sweet syrup, so reserve your bottle today!

Our Syrup for Stoves fundraiser was a grand success. We raised enough money to buy two new stoves for Christ Our Hope Children's Home. THANK YOU! We couldn't have done it without you! A special shout-out to Evan De Groot for all his hard work. Isn't the syrup delicious?!?