Spring Liberia Trip

March 27

We're excited to share that our intrepid Interim Development Coordinator, Austin, is in Liberia with a small contingency from our Ag Team. Michael Gallagher (who you might remember traveled to Liberia this past fall) and Terry Van Maanen are in-country to begin the implementation process of the farm business model. Now that our AVDC friends have such a large parcel of land, we need to work together to consider how best to make that land fertile and profitable. Our Ag Team spent months coordinating with the farmers and our partners in Liberia, and together they have come up with a business model that will, Lord, willing, keep the farm running smoothly and effectively for years and years to come. Food security and sustainability are two of the cornerstones of redevelopment, and we are thrilled by the potential of this life-changing project. Please keep this trio of men in your prayers in the coming week! Pray for great, godly connections to be made and for the important work that they are doing. May the Lord bless and keep them! Please also pray for the farm, the workers, and all those who will eat the food and benefit from the profits made. The Lord is doing mighty things! #spendyourself

March 29

We are amazed by how much the farmland continues to change. Can you believe that these rice paddies have been cleared by hand? The only tools the workers used were chainsaws, shovels, and a small, manually operated hand tiller. Wow doesn't begin to describe it. Please continue to keep Austin, Michael, and Terry in your prayers as they focus on the task at hand in Liberia! And pray for the workers as they prepare the land for planting... and harvest. Together they are learning the Liberian markets and making some long term plans for the (hopeful) prosperity of the farm. Praise the Lord! #spendyourself

April 3

Austin is still in Liberia, but Michael and Terry have already left. What a whirlwind trip! However, it seems the length of their stay had little to do with their impact! In a matter of days our Ag Team accomplished much. Working in cooperation with the farm staff and Emmanuel, a detailed plan for the farm was drawn up for the next 5+ years. Together they visited markets, brainstormed about sales and marketing, and researched best practices for herd management. They also met with one of the two known vets in Liberia! Very helpful considering we hope to have a large herd of goats as well as pigs, chickens, and maybe even a couple of cows someday. The team rounded out their trip with a day in the city to experience Liberian culture and cuisine. Thank you for your service, guys! We are grateful to God for you! And thank YOU so much for your prayers. We are so excited about what God is doing! #spendyourself