They're Coming Home!

The team continues to be having a great experience in Liberia. Yesterday they enjoyed the wedding of Immanuel and Fatu. It was described as a western wedding with a Liberian spirit! Today they did some body surfing and then enjoyed the church service.  This afternoon they played soccer against the kids. Our team one 2-1. (But the little kids were playing, else our team wouldn't have stood a chance!) 

Prayers are needed for Arlys DeWeerd. She cut her leg a few days ago and she got a cellulitis infection in her leg. The doctor came yesterday and gave her an antibiotic. Today, the redness spread further down her leg. Her and Stan left today so that she could get home. This can be a very serious infection. Please pray for her pain and infection and that it does not get worse. 

Tomorrow the team will be flying out about 6:40pm Liberian time, which is 12:40pm our time. Please pray for their safe travels. Many of them have become very close to some of the kids there. They will have a hard time leaving and returning to 'normal' here knowing how those sweet kids are living there. Please pray that they will be able to readjust to life here. 

Once again, we thank you all for your support! We can't wait to share the pictures and videos with you! Please keep up with our blog to see the pics and video one they get back.

Julie Bajema
From the Board of One Body One Hope