Teacher Training - Day 3

A few words from Emmanuel:

"Teachers training with Sheila enter day three. What was lost in Liberians school system has been found. Education in Liberia during the 50s to the 70s was Christ center. The enemy, the devil interrupted this good, healthy, and godly educational system from the Christians' schools and the nation as well and turned it to foolishness. Christian's schools in Liberia no longer see Jesus as the reason for operating the schools but the mains of generating money to help solve the financial problems of the churches.

AVDC church Liberia stand for a positive change in every aspect and discipline of life. Because of this, God again has visited our country educationally through the education team of OBOH USA. We are grateful to God for restoring what was lost (Christ) in the Liberians' Christian schools. I am very much happy with Sheila and her husband for coming to Liberia to train our educators or teachers how to present Christ to their students in the classroom. Thanks God, we have discovered what was covered by the evil one from the church!"

Friends, our Education Team is top-notch, and the AVDC educators in Liberia regularly blow us away with their passion and dedication. We are so excited that this teacher's training is proving to be effective and empowering for our Liberian friends!