Thank You!

Do you find yourself just overwhelmed by gratitude during the holiday season? Yeah, us too. As we anticipate the joy of Christmas and look back over the year we're about to leave behind, it's so encouraging to count the many ways God has provided for and blessed us this year. Over the next several days we're going to share some particulars, but today we just want to say: THANK YOU. Thank you for partnering with us, for sponsoring kids, attending the fundraiser dinner, praying for the ministry, encouraging our board and team members, and in so many ways being the body of Christ. You amaze us.

This photo was snapped after our fundraiser dinner to kick-off the capital campaign for Christ Our Hope North. The smiling faces you see here aren't all of our board and team members--not by a long shot. But those of us who were cleaning up were all pretty excited after a spectacular evening filled with stories, conversations, and lots of dreaming. And we hadn't even tallied the donations yet! That night we raised just over $35,000 for a new Christ Our Hope North compound!!! 🙏 Thank you just doesn't cover it.

As you reflect on 2018 and look forward to celebrating Christmas with friends and family, we hope you'll find ways to give out of the overflow. If the ministry of OBOH inspires you, you can donate online by following this link: Whether you contribute monetarily or support us in prayer, we are so thankful for your role in our ministry.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! Christmas is only 11 days away... #spendyourself