Education Team

"Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Our Education Team at OBOH is passionate and committed to providing the best possible education for the kids in our care. This summer, five Ed Team members traveled to Liberia to assist with a week-long teacher training module alongside Resonate Global. This is the second teacher training we have provided for the Vine School System teachers, and the third will happen in the summer of 2019. This super-intense, Christ-centered training has made a huge impact on the AVDC teachers and their schools.

In addition to teacher training, the Ed Team spent one-on-one time with the teachers, attended the first Vine School System of Christ high school graduation, networked the computer lab, and made lasting friendships. Many plan to go back!

One of our greatest needs at OBOH is for people to come alongside our teachers! $100 a month pays the salary for one teacher--and provides for his or her entire family. It's hard to imagine that an annual salary of $1200 could do so much! Consider the impact your gift could make... We encourage people to team up with family and friends if $100 is too much, or simply give what you can. Even $10 a month will make a huge difference in the life of one of our teachers.

Want to know more? We'd love to tell you all about it!