One Body One Hope (OBOH) has embraced this challenge. We choose empowerment. We partner with the church in Liberia to effectively care for people, body and soul, and to make disciples in Jesus' name. We have witnessed exploding growth of the body of Christ in Liberia as God has cultivated the Abide in the Vine Disciples' Church (AVDC) over the last few years. What began as a single church is now a sisterhood of 15 branches throughout all of Liberia.

Our goal at OBOH is for each Liberian pastor to be partnered with a community that will provide them with $200/month to provide a fair, livable wage. This unique opportunity for your church, small group, Bible study, group of friends or beyond, allows you to support one-on-one an indigenous  missionary in Liberia. You will see what God is doing in the global church through these pastors, learn from them, encourage them and be encouraged by them, and partner with our brothers and sisters around the globe. 

Will you join us by partnering with one of the 15 pastors to spread the gospel?