Abundant Life Mission Home


One Body One Hope did not go looking for another children’s home, but one came looking for us! The Abundant Life Children’s Welfare Home was established near the end of the Ebola crisis in Liberia to meet the needs of children who were affected by the outbreak. Unfortunately, a lack of funding and donor support nearly caused Abundant Life to close its doors. When the director, Rev. Wilmot, met Rev. Emmanuel Bimba, it became clear that the Lord had brought them together.  As of May 2016, Abundant Life is now under the patronage of One Body One Hope and we are actively seeking sponsors for the children who call Abundant Life home.  

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a child at the Abundant Life Mission Home, fill out the form on our sponsorship page.


Christ Our Hope North Mission Home


In the fall of 2014, Emmanuel, our primary contact in Liberia, informed us of a great (and growing) need in his country. In the wake of the Ebola crisis, there were thousands of children left orphaned. One of our Abide in the Vine (AVDC) sister churches is in Lofa County—the area of Liberia hardest hit by the epidemic. In December of 2014, Emmanuel and a small team of people traveled to Lofa to catalog the orphaned children in the communities surrounding the AVDC Lofa Church. They originally estimated there would be approximately 20 local orphans in need of care. They documented nearly 60.

In the face of such great need, Christ Our Hope North was set up to care for the orphaned children of Lofa County.  The orphanage kicked off with the Dordt College community joining together to raise over $18,000 for this new endeavor.  In addition, we secured a large building to rent for housing the children, as well as mattresses, pots and pans, workers' wages, a generator, and all the basic supplies to begin the process of providing for these children.

But this is just the beginning. Agnes, the director of Christ Our Hope North, is passionate about providing these kids with more than just a place to lay their heads—as a teacher, her heart beats for education and she is already making plans for a school. 


Christ Our Hope Mission Home


Christ Our Hope is the original orphanage campus partnered with One Body One Hope, located in the Dumbar Farm suburb of Monrovia. Following the the end of the civil war in Liberia,  Emmanuel and his wife, Fatu, felt compelled along with their congregation to minister to the many orphaned children they found walking the streets of the city. This Spirit-led compulsion led to the founding of Christ Our Hope orphanage.

In the beginning, the orphanage grounds were extremely rudimentary with no running water, utilities, or phone lines available. In addition, Emmanuel and Fatu had no way to provide for the orphaned children that they had taken in. Periodically, God brought individual donors along, and the local church helped out when and where it could. Unfortunately, their pressing needs were ever-present and they prayed long and hard for committed long-term partners.

Beginning in 2007, One Body One Hope began partnering with the Christ Our Hope orphanage. Since then, a second dormitory has been added to the campus and improvements are continually being made to the grounds. In addition, the children of the Christ Our Hope orphanage attend the Abide in the Vine School System located on the orphanage groups. Currently, Christ Our Hope supports approximately 60 children. Each child at Christ Our Hope has a sponsor in the One Body One Hope community.