Our Teams

One Body One Hope is made up several ministry teams that coordinate ministry efforts.  Each team consists of passionate, gifted people who are dedicated to helping us fulfill our goal of assisting our Liberian friends as we together continue to redevelop their communities and country through relationship. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going, and even as we work through the inevitable hiccups that have accompanied this shift, we consider ourselves blessed beyond measure to be working with these amazing people!


The CAT team oversees the orphanage and school on the grounds of the Dumbar Farm Abide in the Vine Disciples’ Church campus. They coordinate the sponsorship programs, financial assistance, medical needs, the school, and groundskeeping/facility management.


Education Team

The education team serves the Vine School System of Christ to ensure the kids at Christ our Hope mission home and schools connected to the ADVC church community have the best education possible.  We also seek to come along side each teach to provide opportunities for continuing education/training, as well as financial and resource support. Recent projects have been library development, including children's books and curriculum, technology developments for teachers and students, and a teacher training program focused on faith integration in all aspects of teaching.  The education team runs teacher fund program which provides a living wage for 17 of our teachers.

 The team consists of: Suzanne Nelson, Cheri Horstman, Vicki Franken, Gwen Marra, Chris Nonhof and Lisa Mouw.


AGriculture TEAM

 The agriculture team has been laboring to get our 220-acre farm up and running.


MEDIA & Communications Team

The M&C team heads up all the public communication components of One Body One Hope. Blog, social media, website, mailings, newsletters, and more are handled by this group of designers, writers, and organizers. They are passionate about telling the story of OBOH and are trying to uncover the best way to communicate that vital information. The team consists of: Todd Montsma, Nicole Baart, Bekah Van Maanen, Kate Brauning, Austin Lindemulder, and Brittany Ryks.

Church Partnership Team

The church partnership team consists of the various direction-setting teams from each of the churches involved in our Liberian partnerships. 


Ministry Treasurer

We have a ministry treasurer who handles our finances.

Mission Home Child Sponsor Coordinators

These people coordinate communication and sponsor openings.

We also have a wider network of friends and supporters who work alongside team members writing cards, putting together packages, sharing the story with friends, and coordinating individual fundraisers.

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