Our Vision

What we do...

  • Provide a child sponsorship program for the 54 kids at Christ Our Hope orphanage. With the help of our donors, the children receive a solid, Christ-centered education, housing, food, clothing, medical care, spiritual, moral, and social training, and the loving care of a compassionate extended family.
  • Provide a family sponsorship program for the teachers, cooks, caretakers, cleaners, and security workers at Christ Our Hope orphanage. This program allows us to pay the orphanage workers a livable wage so they can provide for their own families.
  • Provide targeted assistance for special projects when opportunities arise (for example: agricultural projects, grain drives, educational opportunities, and redevelopment).

Dream big!

 Our long term goals include:

  • Establishing church partnerships with all five of the congregations of Abide in the Vine Fellowship.
  • Continuing to strengthen our program with the AVF school and Christ Our Hope, potentially including expansion and possibly a high school.
  • Pursuing conversations with business owners and potential donors/investors in the US with the hope of engaging business plans that will create jobs and opportunities for the communities we serve.
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