Deacon Bundor

Deacon and his dear friend Elijah. Deacon is on the right.

Deacon and his dear friend Elijah. Deacon is on the right.

It is with a heavy heart that I post today. This morning we received news from Emmanuel that Deacon Bundor passed away on Saturday. Taken from Aaron's email to the board:

"Deacon suffered from a bowel obstruction and could not get surgical help from the hospital in time.  It ended up costing him his life.  I am reminded again how incredibly fortunate we are to have the access to medical care that we do.  Bundor was 53.  He leaves behind a wife and kids.  Emmanuel was very saddened by this due to the HUGE role that Deacon Bundor played at Christ Our Hope and at Dumbar Farm Church.  Emmanuel said he was his right-hand man the past number of years and every time he left for missions or traveling to the other congregations, that Bundor was always in charge and never failed to provide for all the children’s needs in his absence.  He administered the financial goings on of that whole congregation and worked there nearly full-time with little other means of income the past several years."

Those of us who had the pleasure to meet and work with Deacon will remember a quiet, humble man who was quick to help and passionately dedicated to the children of Christ Our Hope, the Dumbar Farm church, and the Lord. He was slow to speak but steeped in wisdom, a rock in his community. He was a fervent disciple and a genuine servant. 

We ask that you remember Deacon's family in your prayers, as well as the community as a whole. Deacon's loss will be greatly felt, and our hearts go out to our friends who are grieving so deeply right now. We mourn with them and pray that God will comfort them in this time. We also pray that God will raise up leaders to help fill the gaping hole that Deacon leaves behind.

Thanks for praying.