Bridge Update

At long last: a bridge update! And some pics! First, business. The team is halfway through their time in-country, but getting close to being finished with the bridge! What an unbelievable answer to prayer. Cement work is done, the beams are in place, and tomorrow they will start to put in over 3000 2x4’s. Wow.

We also want to share a real "God Story." Throughout this entire bridge-building process, Pastor Emmanuel has been praying that it would be seen as God building the bridge, not as Dordt or OBOH, but God through them. Well, there are 3 villages that have never had drivable access across this creek (no vehicle has ever been in or out of these villages). Last week, a man from one of the villages was talking with Pastor Emmanuel and said, "I now know that God is bigger than the government. We have been asking for a bridge here for years and we have been electing representatives ever since I was a little boy who said they would build us a bridge, but the government never did it. Now, God is building us a bridge." Amen, brother. God is absolutely building you a bridge! (Emmanuel has also dreamed of planting a church on the far side of the bridge... As always, God appears to be several steps ahead of our plans.)

Please continue to pray for our bridge building team as well as the rest of the Dordt AMOR team (currently in the air somewhere over the Atlantic)! Lord willing, they will land in Monrovia tomorrow night.