CHAP Project Recieves Boost

We were thrilled to learn last week that the CHAP program (Community of Hope Agricultural Project), a farming venture backed by Abide in the Vine Church received national accolades in Liberia! I could try to explain it, but I'll give Robert Bimba the honors. Praise God for his provision!

A letter from Robert:

Hi Brother,


I just came from the president honor and speech to the nation so we have CHAP highlighted as the group that produce the best quality rice seed and form part of the first group that stop the importation of rice seed after 20 years of imputing seed from out of the country.

After the meeting we took picture with her (the president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf), US Ambassador, Vice president. She directed the relavent gorvenment agency to give us the 35 arces of land but ask that we survey it but it will now cost us $1,000 to have it survey and corner stone /poles planted which I have been working for over the years. The area have finally been given to us but we are responsible to survey and manage it. Is this something you can help us with? Thanks for all we cherish the relationship which have afforded us this great honor and land finally.

Greet your wife.


*     *     *

We have transferred the $1,000 needed to complete the donation of the land, and now Abide in the Vine owns the 35 acre rice farm. What an exciting way to start a new year!