Our Philosophy of Ministry: “Reciprocal Missions”

As we head into 2016, we thought it would be appropriate take the opportunity to tell you a bit about our philosophy at One Body One Hope and the unique way we approach ministry. At OBOH we believe in "reciprocal missions," a phrase our founder coined several years ago when we began to realize that we were receiving far more than we were giving in our missional relationships. Basically, reciprocal missions is the understanding that there is no such thing as "the other"--there's just US. All of us, together, image-bearers of the King of Kings, and valuable, contributing members of this little thing we call the human race. We ALL have gifts to share, not just wealthy Westerners with deep pockets. In fact, the treasury of compassion, friendship, wisdom, and insight that can be gained from our global friends is so rich no price tag could ever properly value it.

Because of this philosophy of life and giving, we approach ministry as a partnership, not a downward slope of finances and information from the wealthyWest to the impoverished "other." Our Liberian friends are the head of our organization. They set thedirection, dream big dreams, and help us find ways to come alongside them in their kingdom work. It's true that the gift we often contribute is financial (we are indeed rich in that regard!), but we do not impose our strategies or ideals on our friends. And we believe that the abundance we receive far outweighs our meager offerings.

As you see pictures of our teams in Liberia, please know that we are not swooping in to oppress people with our "help." Liberians are working alongside nurses, teachers, pastors, laypeople, and bridge builders, teaching us just as much as our representatives are teaching them. This is truly a partnership--one that we hope will transform not just the Liberian communities we serve, but that will foreverchange our own families, neighborhoods, and hearts.