Did you know? Pastor Emmanuel

We love Liberia! The country, the people, the way God is moving... To know Liberia is to love it, and we want to pass on that love to you! Join us every Friday as we share fun facts about Liberia, One Body One Hope, and our friends across the ocean!

Did you know...

That Pastor Emmanuel Bimba (the director of Christ Our Hope and head pastor of Abide in the Vine Disciples' Church) began his education at the age of 25? The Liberian civil wars (which raged from 1989-1996 and 1999-2003) prevented him from attending school regularly as a child and young man, but when the wars were over, Emmanuel was eager to pursue an education. A passionate follow of Jesus and an absolutely brilliant man, Emmanuel has done so much to advance the kingdom in Liberia! We are so blessed to work with him!

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