Ways to Spend Yourself

We absolutely love having your family join us in spending yourself with us throughout SPEND YOURSELF week.  We have some ideas for how your family can join together and stand in solidarity.  Feel free to use this list as a starting point, but pick something that will be meaningful for your family to sacrifice for a week. 

  1. Replace one meal a day with rice and beans. Meat is a luxury in most countries, not only because it is expensive, but because it can be hard to come by. We often take for granted the well-stocked meat counters at our grocery stores.
  2. Drink nothing but water for the duration of Spend Yourself Week. Replacing milk, juice, coffee, smoothies, alcohol can be a way to remind yourself that many families don’t have clean, safe water to drink.
  3. Give up television for one week.  Celebrate your success by joining us on Sunday, December 3 for the screening of Facing Darkness!
  4. Fast from social media. Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever app or technological item you’re addicted to. 
  5. Give up complaining. Liquidate $10 in quarters for each child, and have a stack of dollar bills for the adults. Anyone caught complaining has to put a quarter or dollar in the jar. This exercise not only raises awareness of all the good gifts we've been given (and how very little we have to complain about), but also that it cultivates a culture of gratitude.  

What else can you come up with? What sacrificial act of solidarity would be meaningful for your family?